I’ve used Subversion and TortoiseSVN for quite a while, and even have the free Standard Edition of VisualSVN Server set up on my Windows Home Server, but I wanted to see what Mercurial was like. Having tried TortoiseHg and thoroughly enjoyed using it, I decided to make the complete switch. There are several blogs that have covered some of the parts of setting up Mercurial and hgwebdir, notably by eWorld.UI by Matt Hawley, DJMatty and Vampire Basic. My impression, however, is that these were written by folks who assumed a fair amount of pre-existing knowledge about Python and/or had a different configuration in mind. I really have no Python experience, so it was a bit more of a struggle to get all the right pieces in place. Further, I particularly wanted to be able to use Windows Home Server to securely host my repositories for both home and remote use under an “hg” virtual directory. This particular configuration didn’t seem to be covered in any one definitive source. What follows is ... [More]