I’ve (temporarily) given up on re-working the internal links for BlogEngine.NET. It’s not an intractable problem, but would require such pervasive changes that it’s not something I have time for right now. Instead, I’ve decided to focus on cleaning up the theme I’m using. BlogEngine.NET has a really simple theme system, and since the pages are nicely structured, it should be a straighforward matter to develop a new theme that works for me. Why do I need a new theme? For starters, I can’t stand most of the “tiny text means high-style” designs that seem to pervade the net. Okay, then, why not just change the base font size of an existing theme? Another pervasive practice is to write CSS with absolute (pixel) sizes for fonts, and to do so far more often than is necessary. This is very much like the way that most people use word processors: rather than use styles to manage and maintain a particular look -- which makes altering the layout far easier, incidentally -- they manually change th... [More]